May 16, 2012

Patch Work - Dancing Lady

Dear readers on this blog you have observed many patterns of patch work portraits done by my mom. Inspired by her beautiful work I have also thought of trying  patch work. I know that I can't match with her neatness in hand embroidery  but still attempted one of dancing lady pose of patch work and posting the same here.

Very simple stitches like filling buttonhole, herringbone, feather stitch, satin stitch, chain stitch and couched trellis stitch are used. Her saree is filled with random cross stitch and hairs are done with stem stitch filling.
 In my upcoming posts surely you will get tutorials of  all above mentioned stitches.


Ranjana's craft blog said...


Sunayana said...

Thank you Ranjana for following my blog. I am updating after long gap this time but in future will surely try to post regularly

A Homemaker's Utopia said...

Excellent work Sunayana..:-)

Mahalakshmi said...

Nice work Sunaina..:)

Sunayana said...

@ homemaker's utopia, Mahalaxmi mam once again I am thankful for your encouragement.

Deepa said...

Beautiful..but isn't this applique? How is patchwork different from applique?


Sunayana said...

Yes Deepa, You can call it as appliqué too, but we were taught it as Patch work.
Patchwork and appliqué - both are somewhat similar terms. I think the word “patch work” used in broader sense. The literal meaning of appliqué is “Patch work created by applying fabric to a background”
If anybody knows more about “difference between patchwork and appliqué” Please share with us.

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